Intermezzo is a modular typeface developed by Albert Auspurg in 1933 for the Dresdener Schriftguss AG vorm. Brüder Butter. He designed bold capital letters that he divided horizontally through the middle. The half capitals allow for original compositions, such as ligatures, two-color letters, or a even deliberate wrong fonts (= mixing type from different fonts). Helene Bunge and Felix Bamforth combined original 36 pt. Intermezzo half capitals with Futura Jewels. Helene and Lilith Zachwieja printed the 148 × 80 mm postcards on our Boston Hand Platen on 710 gsm Metapaper Pure Cotton White in Day-Glo magenta, Day-Glo orange, Day-Glo lime green and Petrol Blue. Get the Intermezzo Cards here.