Today’s screen emojis evolved from the emoticon :-), textual expressions of a writer’s mood. Both of these forms are based on ascii, the American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

Code being the operative word, ascii artwork is simply made with a computer keyboard, a text editor program and best with a fixed-width (mono-spaced) typeface.

The cool thing about ascii is that it turned necessity into an art.

As part of our continued work to make post-digital artefacts, we’ve letterpress printed some familiar ascii characters to help share the love at Easter.

Bunny Ascii
Bloom Ascii
Birdy Ascii
Fish Ascii

Bunny, Bloom, Birdy, and Fish set in Akkurat Light, mono-spaced. The DIN A4 cards are in Day-Glo pink on Munken Pure, 400 gsm cover stock. Each with envelope. One pink, three gray.

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