The sixth issue of P98a Paper, The Good America, is out. We used our post-digital publishing process for the whole magazine – set on a Macintosh in InDesign and printed on a letterpress machine from polymer plates.

The sixth issue of P98a Paper is now available! The Good America issue features eleven submissions about an America apart from the tawdry and shocking headlines, apart from Trumpian politics, apart from the utter distraction we’ve been living through for the past year. We were frustrated with having our image of the US usurped by a 1980s real-estate scion, so this issue of P98a Paper is filled with the USA of energy and warmth and experimentation and hilarity. We have been fortunate to nab some amazing entries – including by writers Jonathan Lethem and Alex Ross, on the subjects of their choosing – resulting in a smattering of short pieces on The Doors, interstate driving, Hispanic do-gooders, satire, and The Muppets, among much more.

2017 11 21 P98A Paper06 Np 0029
2017 11 21 P98A Paper06 Np 0023
2017 11 21 P98A Paper06 Np 0026

The Good America issue also includes a dozen caricatures and an Introduction by P98a Paper’s editor, R.Jay Magill, and three deeply researched biographies of American typefaces by the magazine’s production manager and type historian, Ferdinand Ulrich. As always, Erik Spiekermann has compiled the issue’s detailed, enlightening production notes – which explain the entire construction in letterpress –and Susanna Dulkinys has once again designed a visually varied feast.

2017 11 21 P98A Paper06 Np 0043
Typographic stories by Ferdinand Ulrich
2017 11 21 P98A Paper06 Np 0038
Illustrations by R.Jay Magill, Jr.

P98a Paper #06 is out now. Buy it here in our shop.