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A collection of stories, opinions and illustrations by people we know and whose work we like. P98A Paper explores printing technologies: Risograph, letterpress, post-digital letterpress, offset, and digital printing.

“P98A PAPER arose from an itch to put out a modern magazine that would take an ancient form—actual paper, printed in-house for a select audience of people who like such things. So, combining the publishing talents of people we know and whose work we like, we did it. We are from the United States and Germany. Berlin is our home. We are based in a workshop and gallery at 98a Potsdamer Strasse, where we house actual printing presses as well as digital printers—and our editorial offices. We work professionally in digital design and publishing; we all love print. In fact, we miss print. A lot. This is why we are printing again, from scratch.”

—R. Jay Magill, foreword from Paper #01, 2016

P98A PAPER is the work of Susanna Dulkinys, Erik Spiekermann, R. Jay Magill, Ferdinand Ulrich and Daniel Klotz.

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